We understand the changes in the Business environment

Why Us?

We are customer oriented

We understand the changes in our client'Ss business environments, and we offer solutions to meet their needs.

The business environment is driven by increasing broadband services, mobile solutions, digital broadcasting, and streaming services. The media breaks disappear and there are huge amounts of audio, video, and sensor data that is used for enhanced services. The number of new devices including: ereaders, smartphones, smart devices and wearables increases steadily.

With increasing mobility, people want to access those services from anywhere. The capabilities to add-on these services to their existing service offerings, and to provide them as added services over the cloud becomes crucial for sustainable success.

To take advantage of these changes, corporations have started many IT projects and programs.

Our conclusion is:

Customers want to succeed in the new mobile and digital world and want their businesses to continue to thrive.

Customers also want technology that works without them having to understand each detail.

Customers want reduced IT costs without compromising quality.

Customers want to protect their system landscape and their data against unauthorized access.

We do not want to just focus on the costs. Customers have access to a team of advisors with many years of IT expertise to help develop their project ideas and goals. It is not necessary to have a contract with a large consulting team. Our IT experts are well experienced in the complex IT world.

We challenge the right solution

We want to help our customers make the right decision for technologies and solutions. We have learned that identifying the right solution requires the answers to many questions from different viewpoints. Our many years of experience and our network of experienced IT experts will help you to go in the right direction.

Your advantages

Customers can outsource development services without having to compromise on the German quality standards.

Innovation and reliability do not need to be expensive. Customers can reduce their IT development costs by up to 50% with us.

Our Team

We are a consulting and and software integration company in the digital transformation of business models.

We rely on our many years of experience designing and implementing IT in various industries. In the last 20 years, we have managed numerous projects and programs. We have learned what is critical to get IT initiatives successfully delivered.

Our team has a unique collaborative experience in media, technology and IT.

We accompany you on your path through the digital world, and ensure that your business becomes more successful with a sustainable future for your services and products.


Without direct contact with the customer, it is difficult to understand the exact requirements and it challenging to establish a delivery culture when you miss the miss the opportunity to raise the right questions from time to time. It is essential to orm a close relationship with the customer.

We usually visit and consult our customers at their home offices, but you are also very welcome to visit us at our locations in Cologne and Zurich.

In order to offer competitive quotes, it is essential to source our IT development and testing services from overseas.

Our development team is located in Istanbul. Here we have access to the excellent universities of Turkey, a country with a high percentage of educated young people. We therefore have access to a large number of very talented developers and technologists.