We have a navigate in tech jungle


We have run many successful IT projects in various industrial and service branches. The technologies and programming languages are not so different from one field to the next. Some IT service providers believe, therefore, they are able to deliver services for any industry. However, the industry domain know-how is extremely important to understand the problems of the customer, and to develop and implement technical solutions. We have completed projects successfully in logistics, retail, and consumer goods. But, we have worked much more intensively with business departments in TelCo & Media, Energy, and Financial Services. We speak their language, and we can provide expert technical solutions for these branches.

TelCo & media

Telecommunication companies try to offer a wide range of services based on their core network assets. Besides the traditional phone and mobile products, they offer entertainment packages such as VoD, IPTV, streaming audio and video. These services are increasingly operated and delivered via the cloud. We have extensive experience setting-up these landscapes and running them in scale.


Utilities are traditionally split into upstream and downstream views. The big utilities offer the entire value chain including the generation, trading, transport, network operations, distribution, sales and customer service.

Due to the energy policy, traditional energy generation assets can no longer run profitably. Producers are under pressure to look for other revenue streams, e.g Smart Home. Reduction in costs is the flip side of the coin. The IT organization is faced with the challenge of reducing costs and also being ready to handle any new type of revenue channel.

Financial Services

The traditional financial systems are confronted with many new service opportunities based on social media. Puddle allows lending to its members in a much different way than traditional scoring systems. We are happy to consult with you on your business services, and provide solutions to take advantage of profits from these changes in financial services.