Why Us?

    business challenges

We have distinct experience in IT strategy consulting and the implementing of IT initiatives in TelCo & Media, Energy, and Financial Services. We have successfully accompanied many corporations in the evolution of their IT services. We help you to adapt your IT to the needs of digital business.

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Focus on right solution

There are always many options to get things done. It is important to understand the trade-offs between these options, we share our experience, and advise you about what makes the most sense in certain business situations. We discuss your needs and challenges with you, and then get the answers to your questions in order to deliver the right solutions for you.

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High quality & cost efficient

We know customers are happy when the quality of the delivery is beyond their expectations. As a German based company, we have a strong tradition of our dedication to quality. We have also optimized our development workbench with near shore
outsourcing for providing you cost efficient

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  One stop shop for making business digitalized

The changes triggered by digitalization are dramatic and include: increasing online and mobile business, the power of key trend makers in social networks, and changing business supply to cloud services

All businesses are forced to position themselves by adapting to these changes with their service offerings and processes.

We have all that you need for a guided transformation in making your business digitalized.


Impacting consulting

We do not waste our customer’s time with endless analysis. We dive into functional and technical details to find the right balance for your concept, and we assist you to implement it seamlessly. We are precise and pragmatic, and we are focused on making an impact.

Digital media &
      software development

Our software development team’s capabilities cover all technical aspects of digital media. We are able to use the keys of mobile app development, implement services in the cloud, get insight into large data, and provide integration between cloud and backend

Go to cloud

It doesn’t matter if you want to run your technical services from the cloud or if you want to get reliable services from the cloud. We have distinct experience in providing managed cloud based services to meet your needs. We help you by making your IT scalable and flexible in order to be cloud